Joe Lovano


Evidence / 1989

1. Worlds (Lovano)
2. Round Dance (Lovano)
3. Tafabalewa Square (Lovano)
4. Two Hearts (Silvano/Werner)
5. Spirit of the Night (Lovano/Silvano)
6. Lutetia (Lovano/Silvano)
7. Boss Town (Lovano/Silvano)

Joe Lovano – Tenor/Soprano Sax, Alto Clarinet
Tim Hagans – Trumpet
Gary Valente – Trombone
Bill Frisell – Guitar
Bill Hagans – Guitar
Henri Texier – Bass
Paul Motian – Drums
Judi Silvano – Voice

Produced by Joe Lovano

Recorded March 5, 1989

This was recorded live at the Amiens International Jazz Festival in France featuring my Wind Ensemble. In 1985, I started playing in groups using brass, voice and woodwinds, and a rhythm section with strings and percussion. Paul and Bill were playing at the Festival with their own groups, so I asked them to join me.

I’d been playing with bassist Henri Texier since 1986, usually as a guest with his groups. We played together quite a big, with Aldo Romano and Dewey Redman, and Lewis Galavice, a Middle Eastern tour and lots of gigs in France.

This concept carrys on in my Blue Note recordings, and with my Street Band, where we play more free, folk influnced music that has the feeling of an orchestra with voice, brass, woodwinds and percussion.