Joe Lovano

Village Rhythm

Soul Note / 1988

1. Village Rhythm (Lovano)
2. Birds of Springtime Gone By (Lovano)
3. Dewey Said (Lovano)
4. Chelsea Rendez-Vous (Lovano)
5. Variations of a Theme (Lovano)
6. His Dreams (Lovano)
7. T’ Was to Me, Pt. 1: Celebration of Life…
8. Part II: Theme (Lovano)
9. Sleepy Giant (Lovano)
10. Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love (Mingus)
11. Spirit of the Night (Lovano)

Joe Lovano – Tenor/Soprano Sax, Gongs
Tom Harrell – Trumpet
Kenny Werner – Piano
Marc Johnson – Bass
Paul Motian – Drums

Produced by Giovanni Bonandrini

Recorded June 7-9, 1988

My dad, Tony “Big T” Lovano, had just passed when I recorded this, so I included a couple of tributes to him, including T Was to Me, which I performed on saxophone and gong.

It was based on a poem my friend Ronald Hudson Smith wrote about my dad. I read the poem, like Trane did on A Love Supreme.

Dewey was written for both Miles Dewey Davis, and Dewey Redman. The first four bars are reminiscent of a phrase that reminded me of both of those cats.

Tom and I were in Mel’s band in the early 80s, and like my other dates, I wrote the compostions with the players in mind.