Joe Lovano

Universal Language

Blue Note / 1992

1. Luna Park (Lovano)
2. Sculpture (Lovano)
3. Josie and Rosie (Lovano)
4. This Is Always)
5. Worship (Lovano)
6. Cleveland Circle (Lovano)
7. The Dawn of Time (Lovano)
8. Lost Nations (Lovano)
9. Hypnosis (Lovano)
10. Chelsea Rendez-Vous(Lovano)

Joe Lovano – Soprano and Alto Saxophpone, Wood Flute, Alto Clarinet, Drums, Percussion
Tim Hagans – Trumpet
Kenny Werner – Piano
Charlie Haden – Bass
Scott Lee – Bass
Steve Swallow – Electric Bass
Jack DeJohnette – Drums
Judi Silvano – Vocal

Produced by Joe Lovano

Recorded June 26 – June 28, 1992

Since the mid-80s, I’d been working on an ensemble that put together voice, brass, woodwinds, strings and percussion, and this was the first recording with this configuration. The front line sound is Judi’s voice, Tim’s trumpet my woodwinds and the basses. Steve Swallow plays the electric bass as both as a soloist, and in place of a trombone.

I met Scott Lee in the early 70s, in Boston, and he’s played an important role in musical life. We’ve played together quite a bit, in different groups and he’s a great bassist with a real open conception, and beautiful bowing techniques.

The sound of this band, which I love, has the range of an orchestra an a chorus, with Judi’s soprano. There’s a lot more imagery and things that can happen when you add a voice, especially Judi. She has a unique sound and conception about improvising and creating music with the group and that’s been an important component on a number of my recordings.