Joe Lovano


Blue Note / 1990

1. The Owl and the Fox (Lovano)
2. Primal Dance (Lovano)
3. Emperor Jones (Lovano)
4. Landmarks Along the Way (Lovano)
5. Street Talk (Lovano)
6. Here and Now (Lovano)
7. I Love Music (Emile Boyd)
8. Where Hawks Fly (Lovano)
9. Thanksgiving (Lovano)
10. Dig This (Lovano)

Joe Lovano – Tenor Saxophone
John Abercrombie – Guitar
Kenny Werner – Piano
Marc Johnson – Bass
Bill Stewart – Drums

Produced by John Scofield

Recorded August 13-14, 1990

I wrote all the music for my first Blue Note recording, except I Love Music, by Emile Boyd, an important part of the Cleveland music scene.

A few words about Bill Stewart: I was on the faculty of William Patterson College, from 1983-91, and Bill Stewart was one of my students. Musically, he was into creating inner forms within the structures of what we were playing. So I started using him in my woodwind ensemble. I was playing in John Scofield’s group at the time. and he produced this CD. John and I met at Berklee and I’ve had the chance to play and record with him a number of times and it’s always a great exchange of ideas.