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I’ve been playing Borgani Saxophones since 1999. They are a very small company with a lot of passion and love for their instruments. It’s a family run business, only twelve people work at the factory, and these hand-made instruments are made with the same care that’s been passed down through the generations, back to the early times of making instruments.

I’ve worked closely with them to produce a series of horns called the Borgani-Lovano series, using Pearl Silver alloy with Gold 24k keys. It’s a really beautiful instrument and gives me such a warm, brilliant sound, with a dynamic range, beyond my wildest expectations. These newer horns are made like an older horn with handmade, hand-pounded brass but with modern mechanisms.

My very special thanks go to Orfeo Borgani, the Borgani family and the Borgani Team. I love playing this tenor because it’s made like the earlier horns were, in the style of a Chu Berry Conn tenor, or an early balanced action Selmer, and more reminiscent of King Super 20.

You can purchase Borgani saxophones from my friend Roberto at Roberto’s Woodwinds.

Photo by Paolo Iammarrone + Alessandro Antonelli

I’ve also been performing with a STRAIGHT ALTO and STRAIGHT TENOR for over ten years, originally made by the L.A. SAX company. Peter LaPlaca, founder of L.A.SAX sold that company and launched SAX DAKOTA in 2002, and continued on with a much improved version/design of both models.

Recently, Pete and I agreed to exchange the 10+ year old models for 2 new current models: the SDTS-1022 TENOR and SDAS-1020 ALTO. Our exchange took place at Roberto’s Winds in NYC on June 26, 2017 along with Dakota Sax artist Tim Price helping out. WOW,what a startling improvement in both horns! Loved them!

I like the feeling of the straight horns and I tend to play them with a different attitude because the sound travels through the body of the instrument first, then onto the floor and through the room.

Playing on my new Straight Tenor & Alto Saxophones by Dakota Sax gives me another world of Swirling Sounds and Vibrations I’ve never felt before.

François Louis’ creation of the Aulochrome, the first polyphonic saxophone, is the next offspring in the woodwind family. The Aulochrome is truly a revelation in the world of musical instrument development and will generate and inspire musicians and composers in the new millennium and beyond. It’s potential to create textures and sounds never before imagined are indescribable. To see and hear this instrument is one thing, but to hold it and have it come to life with your breath and ideas, is what the magic of the music is all about.

I’ve had the great fortune to see the Aulochrome develop from its birth and dream of the day I can study and develop its unlimited potential with my approach in music. To play counter-melodies, harmonic voicings, intervallic rhythms, unisons, exploring its overtones and undertones, to sing with two voices, it’s a beautiful dream that has become reality

In addition, I’ve also recently discovered this company, RS Berkeley, which really makes some great instruments. I’m currently playing their Sopranino saxophone and alto flute.


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I play a Francois Louis wooden mouthpiece which uses their ligature (which holds the reed). The mouthpiece itself is made from Granidillo wood, which is a hard African wood. I’ve been use these on my tenors since 1985 and on soprano starting back in 1982. Handmade, these mouthpieces are simliar to the Otto Link 10 Star mouthpiece which many musicians have used.


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I now use Alexander Reeds. Playing Alexander Reeds through the years has simply become part of my natural sound. They give the complete confidence to be myself in any musical setting.


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The hippest wireless mic on the market is the AMT (Applied Microphone Technologies). It’s very simple to use and gets a deep, rich natural tone for every player who uses it. I feel like it’s just an extension of my sound. I never have to worry about it.

Drums & Gongs

I really enjoy playing drums, cymbals and gongs. I have a beautiful set of Slingerland drums that were given to me as a gift by the great Paul Motian. It’s a rather famous drum set, in fact, because it’s the one he used on all the recordings he did with Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, and other sessions, including when he played with Coleman Hawkins.

I have a collection and play Wuhan tempered gongs from China and some hand made gongs by Steve Hobeck. On drums I play ZildjianIstanbul, Custom Jack DeJohnette Sabian and Paiste cymbals. I also play various hand drums and percussion instruments from around the world.



KB Sax Redwood Handcrafted Necks (left photo by Bill Bernstein)

Heidinga Necks (right photo by Adam Art Photo)