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Set in stone

An honor has just been bestowed on me beyond my wildest dreams. A sculpture was created in my image, commissioned by one of my distant (but close) cousins, Calogero Saraniti, on his estate 1 km outside of Cesaro, Sicily. My grandparents on my mother’s side of the family, the Verzi/Saraniti families, were from this village. It’s in the province of Messina, in the mountains, with Mt. Etna it its sights. My sculpture is placed in the context of a green mountain hillside, visible from the road in San Teodoro, approaching Cesaro. Thank you Calogero for this great honor you have given me and the Lovano/Faraci families of Alcara li Fusi in the same area and the Verzi/Saraniti families of Cesaro. I am obviously Overwhelmed and Overjoyed. Viva Italia!!!